History of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Wimbledon

1903 – Mr. Julius Hohenhaus and wife, who lived about eight miles north of Courtenay, attended services at Zion Lutheran Church, southwest of Courtenay, and stopped in at the parsonage to inform the pastor that there were a number of Lutheran families in and around Wimbledon who would welcome the preaching of the Word of God by a Lutheran pastor.  After due consideration, Pastor Lueker promised Mr. Hohenhaus that if he found conditions as represented in Wimbledon, he would serve there to the best of his ability.  Accordingly, on June 1, 1903, Rev. Lueker explored the region around about Wimbledon, calling on Albert Krueger, Julius Voigt, John Kempf, two Brueske families, F. Grahn, Wm. Voigt, and others

1903 – Services were held three miles east of Courtenay in the Altringer schoolhouse

1903 – Karl, Alfred and Emma Krueger and Dorothy Voigt were the first to be baptized

1908 – The little group acquired the site upon which the present buildings stand from the Feckler Bros. for the sum of $500

1908 – nine men assembled at the home of Louis Kuhlmann and took the first definite steps to organize a congregation by discussing a constitution for future adoption, and on December 5, 1908, at a meeting in the Voigt schoolhouse, the St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Wimbledon, North Dakota, was organized and the constitution, which had been discussed on November 20, was adopted.  The first officers were: Louis Kuhlmann, elder; Julius Voigt, elder; John Kempf, elder; Wm. Voigt, Jr., secretary; and R. Brueske, treasurer

1908 – St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Wimbledon was organized and previously discussed constitution was adopted.  On that date, the congregation numbered 52, with 27 communicant members

1909 – A definite decision was reached, and in April, 1909, the contract was let to Mr. J. R. Clausen of Wimbledon for a frame church building 63 ft. long, 33 ft. wide and 30 ft. high with a bell tower

1909 – Dedicated its new house of worship.  On that day, August 8, the congregation held two services, one in the morning with Reverend Hinck of Great bend preaching the sermon, and one in the afternoon with Reverend Klausler of Hankinson as the speaker

1919 – Pastor Lueker succeeded in starting a Sunday School

1919 – It was also deemed advisable to have the pastor live in Wimbledon.  Up to this time he had been living in the parsonage which was connected with the Courtenay congregation.  Building operations were begun soon after, and on November 9, 1919.  The parsonage was dedicated.  On November 11, Pastor Schulz moved into his new home, and the Courtenay parsonage was sold to Mr. Henry Kracht

1919 – The present Ladies Aid was organized and ever since that time has been functioning to assist the congregation in various ways

1922 – The present constitution of the congregation was adopted on May 21, 1922, and in the following June this congregation was received into membership with the Missouri Synod at the District Convention held at Great Bend, North Dakota

1924-1929 – the basement and garage were added to the church property

1933 – The congregation celebrated its 25th anniversary

1949 – St. Paul’s Church celebrated its 40th anniversary

1959 – Members commune at an average rate of nearly five times a year

1959 – The 50th Anniversary Celebration of St. Paul’s was held on August 9, 1959

1959 – The congregation celebrated its 50th anniversary

1965 – The Ladies group was reorganized into 4 Circles

1975-1976 – a second house of worship was built and dedicated by the congregation.  Ground breaking ceremonies were held on July 13, 1975 and the work was started on October 1 of that year.  The dedication was on October 31, 1976.  The old building was then torn down and removed from the site

1984 – Members now commune twice a month

1984 – Every Wednesday morning the adult members are invited to attend a Bible class which is led by the pastor

1984 – During the 75th anniversary year of 1984, the congregation erected a bell tower using the bell which had previously been in the old church building.  The bell tower stands roughly the height of the church and is topped by a six foot mission cross

2008 – The congregation celebrated its 100th anniversary

Past Ministers at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Wimbledon

C.H. Lueker – 1903-1917

John F. Schulz – 1918-1923

Ed. Mix – 1923-1924, 1929

W.A. Gerdes – 1924-1929

A.N. Lange – 1929-1936

Lambert J. Mehl – 1936-1941

Clem Mehl – 1941-1950

Laatz – 1950-1951

Carl Fischer – 1951-1953

Fred Riedel – 1953-1954

Edward J. Rutter – 1954-1964

Fred A. Muenchow – 1965-1968

Norman Porath – 1968-1973

Richard Ames – 1974

Arthur Patscheck – 1974-1980

Dennis Huntington – 1981-1982

Henry Friedrich – 1983

Jeffrey Harter – 1983-1989

Harry Dramstad – 1990

Donald Hunter – 1990-1993

Rex Longshore – 1994

Steven Haag – 1994-1999

Robert Leiste – 1999-2001, 2002-2004

Jim Meyer – 2001-2002

Anthony Ahrendt – 2004-2005